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2017 Winners
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Robots: Cozmo by Anki
Cozmo is the Mr. Personality of kids robots. Powered by advanced robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, Cozmo’s sophisticated techniques come across as child’s play as he jokes, shows some attitude and demonstrates that he’s his own “robot” when it comes to building and stacking cubes. iOS, Android, Amazon
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Educational (Learning Tool): Happy Atoms: The Complete Kit by Thames & Kosmos
Learn chemistry by making an atom from flexible rods and joiners. Hold your creation up to the a smart screen device where some powerful software uses image recognition to identify and tell you about what you’ve created.
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Best App or Product for Younger Children: Kudos by Kudos & Co, Inc.
This app provides younger kids with a safe set of training wheels for entering the world of social media. iOS, Android
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Virtual Reality/Emerging Technology: Maze by Seedling USA
It all starts by building a real world maze. Snap its photo, add some traps or walls, and it becomes a screen-based virtual reality adventure game (chose an outer space or ancient ruins theme) designed by you. Put on your cardboard glasses (included) and explore your creation. iOS, Android
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Best Digital/Physical Bridge: Play-Doh Touch to Life Studio by Hasbro, Inc.
Create something with that well-loved classic, Play-Doh. Then scan your creation with a smartphone and app. Watch what happens. Play-doh creations come to life on the screen. iOS
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Augmented Reality: Pokémon GO by Niantic
Who would have imagined that everyone from tots to seniors would be getting out and combing the streets in search of Pikachu? Niantic’s deft combination of classic Pokémon, mapping geography, the smartphone camera, and AR, gave us the family app of the year. iOS, Android
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Best "Maker" Spirit Toy or Service: Sam's Curious Cars by Sam Labs
These electronic building blocks connect wirelessly, letting you turn buttons, lights and sensors and a chassis into all sorts of moving vehicles that are then programmable by your smartphone. iOS, Android
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Best App or Product for Older Children: Space by Tinybop by Tinybop, Inc.
TinyBop turns your child’s tablet into a working model of the solar system and playfully introduces ideas about everything from Saturn’s rings to relative sizes of the planets. iOS
Best Series: Tech Will Save Us by Technology Will Save Us
If you don’t have a fortune and you want some instant gratification, Tech Will Save Us, offers a series of make-it-yourself kits. Whether it’s a plant watering meter, a wearable bracelet, a music synth or other, your first electronic experience is bound to be a winner thanks to this company’s attention to detail.
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Legend Pioneer: Seymour Papert
Dr. Papert passed away earlier this year, but his ideas and inventions live on. He transformed how millions of children around the world create and learn.
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