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Feature Review

Hopscotch (3.0)
Price: $free
Runs on: iPad, iPhone
Ages: 7-up
For grades: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, S, Jr, Sr.
Teaches: programming, logic, creativity, coding
Hopscotch, the first touch screen early coding experience, has been running on the iPad for three years. This year's (May 2016) edition (3.0.1) has two noteworthy features: the interface has been reworked for smaller phone-sized screens, and it is now possible to download or share projects with others, as long as you register (you are prompted for a user name, password and email address).

These new community features make Hopscotch more "Scratch-like." That also means it's easy to participate in a community of coders to share ideas and projects.

Like Scratch, you start by adding one or more sprites to the screen. Once you have a sprite, your next job is to tell it what to do when the "Play" button is touched. You can add as many sprites as you like, or put in a text based sprite in case you want to have writing on the screen.

To make your first program, you drag blocks onto a programming area and decide how many steps you want to move. Like Scratch, the programming blocks can be easily moved around and reordered. Because they are color coded, you start to understand that they have different functions. There are six types of variables: Movement (move, rotate, change x by, change y by, set rotation, set position and set speed); Drawing (leave a trail, set line color, set line width, clear); Control Flow (repeat/end, wait); Appearance (scale by, set opacity, change costume, bring to front, send to back); Variables (set variable, change variable); and Math (random).

We're still wondering how Hopscotch is funded. The current price is "free", so what's the catch?. Visit http://www.gethopscotch.com


CTR Jul 16 Feature Review Entered 12/03/2013 by Warren Buckleitner, Modified 12/13/2016 by LD SOM