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CTR Review
Ease of Use
Design Features
Reviewed using the Standard Rubric
For ages 3-8
For grades P, K, 1, 2, 3
$free, iPad, 128 MB
Teaches: shapes, spatial relations, logic, problem solving, memory, geometry, fine motor skills
Tagged for: Geometry, ECE, Social, Logic, Classic
"Can you make both sides look the same?" Here's an app that gets to the core of geometric thinking (aka spatial relations) by way of a set of nicely-designed shape puzzles that start easy and get harder.

The screen is split into two sides, each the same shapes, only scattered in different places or shown in different sizes. There is no correct answer -- by moving the shapes so that they are in the same relative location so the sides match -- you move to the next -- slightly harder -- level. This app is based on the Agam method of teaching, that uses the real world to help children identify shapes.

The shapes snap into place when they match, and help is provided with a hand overlay. This app uses multi-touch, so two children can work together. This makes the experience ideal for either home or classroom use spatial language (e.g., up, over, on, larger, in front of and so on). Features include the ability to save profiles for up to four children, and a set of stickers that let you customize your shapes. You can toggle the background music on/off.

The puzzles are organized into eight levels, starting with together and apart, and moving up to remembering what a cluster of shapes looks like. There are 54 “Match It” puzzles with 54 corresponding “Picture It” exercises. Weaknesses are few but should be noted. We didn't like the sugary "cheering" at the end of each level, and you can't jump to a harder level. The bottom line? Besides the collaborative play opportunities this app presents, the puzzles are challenging and well-leveled making this an app that should be on every child's iPad.
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0 Expert Reviews
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2 Community Reviews
2 Community Reviews
Avg. Rating: 96% (n = 2)
Rating: 96%
Kids at my library are enjoying this app on our mounted iPad. The multi-touch feature is engaging multiple kids, or kids and their adults, playing together at one time.
The sticker play spaces accessed between puzzles are quite a hit! The kids I've watched or played with, especially the younger ones, are happily spending a lot of time playing with the stickers and shapes I think in part because of the free play they experience there and the silly conversation that results.

Rating: 96%