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Feature Review

Toontastic 3D
Price: $free
Runs on: iPad, Android, iPhone
File size: 253MB
Ages: 6-8
For grades: 1, 2, 3, 4
Teaches: language, story arcs, writing, creativity, verbal skills
Powerful and free, this rich language experience lets you create your own self narrated puppet shows. Let's be clear -- this app has nothing to do with VR or Google cardboard. The 3D in the title means that the graphics are displayed in 3D on the screen, meaning objects appear to move in front or in back of each other; and the backgrounds are displayed using a parallax effect for depth. The last version of Toontastic was in 2D.

Available for Android or iOS, this app will work in just about any setting -- homes, libraries or schools, and it makes creating videos very easy.

Just keep in mind that any project saved on your device can be shared or erased by the next child to come along.

To create a projection, you choose a story arc, pick your characters and background, and move things around onscreen as you talk outloud. The app records your voice and animations as a video, and the characters and scenes move in 3D. It is possible to import your own face, using your camera, to be overlayed on one of the characters. Videos are saved in your photo library, so you can decide if you want to share them or not.

Toontastic became part of Google in 2015. Andy Russell is the product lead. It was made in Unity.


CTR Feb 17 Feature Review Entered 01/13/2017 by Warren Buckleitner, Modified 03/30/2017 by BL