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Feature Review

Oh! (Cinno Star)
Price: $free
Runs on: iPad, iPhone, Android
Ages: 3-up
Teaches: geometry, art, language, spatial relations
Freely mix and match ten colored shapes, to see how they respond to their placement on the screen. A green circle grows into a tree; a rectangle becomes a man who says "hello." If you rotate the screen, the properties change. There are birds, cars and other common items, illustrated with simple pencil drawings.

The minimal illustration style was adapted from the French pop-up book “Oh! mon chapeau” Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert. Use this app to bring your child close to the mind of an artist. Need to know -- the creative process is fun to explore but feels random. Also it is hard to find the menu of shapes (you have to tap near the edge of the screen). Testers found that the app can crash if too many shapes are added to the screen.


CTR Mar 17 Feature Review Entered 02/14/2017 , Modified 04/18/2017 by BL
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On 4/14/2017 Claudia Haines gave this title a rating of % or 0.00 Stars
On 4/14/2017 Claudia Haines commented:
"Oh! The magic drawing app" and "Cinno Star" appear to be different apps in the App Store. "Oh!" is a bit tricky, so it's helpful to search for the whole title "Oh! The magic drawing app" or search for Louis Rigaud.