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Feature Review

Animal Fun Park
Price: $free with IAP of $1.99
Runs on: iPad, iPhone, Android
File size: 244 MB
Ages: 4-up
For grades: P, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Teaches: fine motor skills, logic, timing, socialization
Step right up folks -- this app turns your iPad into a carnival, where up to six players can compete on the same challenge -- all at the same time.  The first time you play, you create an avatar that will appear on the other player's screens. Note, that all players will need their own iOS device with the 250 MB app installed.  Next, you choose between single or multiple player modes. This free download includes ten games. Five more are greyed out, listed for sale in the main menu as a $1.99 IAP.  We liked how this free/paid content is displayed. It is easy to tell which is which, and it is done is such a way as to not trick the child into making an accidental purchase.  All of the games are designed to be played alone, or shared between multiple devices in real time. Games include Frog Bog, Target Shooting, Elephant Bouncing and Banana. They follow typical casual play patterns. 

This app is made for co-play, between two children in the back seat of a van, or between an adult and child. Created by Linus Feldt of Filimundus. There are no ads, and no reading is required. Instructions are in English, Spanish, German, Swedish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Hungarian. 


CTR Jun 17 Feature Review Entered 05/16/2017 by Warren Buckleitner, Modified 06/01/2017 by bl