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CTR Expert Reviewer: Gail Lovely
Independent Educator, Suddenly It Clicks!
Gail Lovely is an independent educator who currently leads her own consulting and training company. Gail enjoys working with teachers, schools and private companies to design and implement technologies. Gail has worked in public education as a teacher and district implementation specialist, in private industry as an educational strategist and in leadership positions in not-for-profit organizations (CUE and the Galef Institute). She is an early adopter of technology, earning her Master’s Degree in Educational Computing from Pepperdine University in the early 1980s. Following her graduation she was an Adjunct Professor there for many years, teaching graduate level technology integration courses. After moving to Texas Gail returned briefly to university teaching at the University of Houston in the undergraduate program and teaching online courses in the selection and integration of technology for the University of Northern Iowa. Along the way Gail has hosted an online community for teachers on Scholastic Network, founded the K2 Email List for Classroom Connect, and written ongoing columns in Learning and Leading with Technology, Instructor Magazine, Electronic Learning, and Curriculum Administrator Magazine. Gail has provided content and interface development support and advice to several educational publishers and companies, and more recently to the educational versions of mobile device apps. Gail is known for her practical approach to education, her appreciation and admiration for teaching and learning and her skill at making the complex understandable and the difficult manageable. For more information, see http://Suddenlyitclicks.com
Area(s) of Expertise:
Early learning, pedagogy, curriculum, child development, iPads, websites, training and professional development
Disclosed Bias(es):
I have done some recent training for HMH, though I do not believe this would bias my work here I think it best to be very open.
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Suddenly It Clicks!
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Independent Educator
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