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CTR Expert Reviewer: Bonnie Blagojevic
Morningtown Consulting
Bonnie Blagojevic is an education consultant and Apple Distinguished Educator. She is a consulting editor for NAEYC, has co-authored technology related articles for NAEYC’s Teaching Young Children magazine as well as other NAEYC publications, and has been involved with the NAEYC Technology & Young Children Interest Forum for many years. Bonnie has more than 30 years experience as an early education professional working in a variety of settings including a high school lab preschool, a university preschool program, a family child care home, nonprofit child care center and as a research associate at the University of Maine. In current work, she collaborates with Maine preschool teacher partners to explore ways technology can increase access to early learning for children and families and shares “lessons learned” through workshops and publications.
Area(s) of Expertise:
Working with preschool educators to explore ways to use technology (IPads/apps/digital microscope) to increase access to learning for preschool children and partner with families.
Disclosed Bias(es):
Apple Distinguished Educator, served on HITN Ready to Learn advisory board
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Morningtown Consulting
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