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Titles Reviewed by CTR
RockIt Twist, Rotatable Learning Game System© 201909/05/2019
LeapBuilders© 201905/15/2019
LeapStart GO© 201902/26/2019
LeapStart 3D Learning System© 201809/25/2018
LeapFrog Academy© 201707/19/2017
Learn & Groove Musical Mat © 201606/08/2016
Count Along Register © 201606/08/2016
Melody the Musical Turtle© 201606/08/2016
LeapStart© 201606/08/2016
LeapFrog Epic© 201506/28/2015
LeapPad Platinum Tablet© 201506/10/2015
LeapFrog Imagicard© 201506/10/2015
LeapTV© 201407/15/2014
LeapPad Ultra XDi© 201406/26/2014
LeapPad3© 201405/29/2014
LeapBand Activity Tracker© 201404/25/2014
Read With Me Scout© 201307/03/2013
LeapPad Ultra© 201306/24/2013
LeapReader© 201301/24/2013
Explorer Game Cartridge: Phineas and Ferb© 201207/25/2012
LeapsterGS© 201206/19/2012
LeapPad2© 201206/19/2012
My Discovery House© 201108/17/2011
Lettersaurus© 201108/17/2011
My Own Story Time Pad© 201108/17/2011
Scout's ABC Garden© 201104/07/2011
LeapPad Explorer© 201102/11/2011
Leapfrog Interactive United States Map© 201007/27/2010
Leapster Explorer: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien© 201007/26/2010
Leapster Explorer: Penguins of Madagascar Operation Plushy Rescue© 201007/26/2010
Leapster Explorer: Disney Princess Pop-Up Story Adventures© 201007/26/2010
Leapster Explorer© 201006/08/2010
Zippity Disney/Pixar Cars© 200912/28/2009
Zippity Disney Princess Magical Movement & Learning© 200912/28/2009
Zippity The Princess and the Frog© 200912/10/2009
Number Rumble (Version 1.0)© 200905/26/2009
Scribble & Write© 200902/09/2009
Alphabet Explorer© 200902/09/2009
Text & Learn© 200902/09/2009
My Pal Scout, My Pal Violet© 200902/09/2009
Zippity High Energy Learning System© 200901/12/2009
Tag Junior© 200901/12/2009
Crammer© 200810/07/2008
LeapFrog Learning Path© 200810/02/2008
Leapster: Star Wars Jedi Math© 200808/20/2008
Didj: Indiana Jones© 200808/20/2008
Didj: Star Wars The Clone Wars© 200808/20/2008
Leapster2© 200808/05/2008
Tag School Reading System© 200806/04/2008
Tag Reading System© 200805/28/2008
Didj Custom Gaming System© 200802/18/2008
ClickStart Software: Learning Carnival© 200711/14/2007
ClickStart Software: Thomas & Friends Learning Destinations© 200711/14/2007
ClickStart Software: Dora the Explorer Friends! Amigos!© 200711/14/2007
ClickStart Software: Toy Story© 200711/14/2007
ClickStart Software: Finding Nemo© 200711/14/2007
ClickStart Software: Animal Art Studio© 200711/14/2007
Leapster: Story Explorers© 200706/18/2007
Leapster: Disney/Pixar Cars Supercharged© 200706/06/2007
Leapster: Go Diego Go! Animal Rescuer© 200706/06/2007
Leapster: Batman Strength in Numbers© 200706/06/2007
Leapster: SpongeBob Squarepants Through the Worm Hole© 200706/06/2007
Leapster: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends© 200706/06/2007
Leapster: Creature Create© 200706/06/2007
Leapster: Ratatouille© 200705/29/2007
Leapster: SonicX© 200703/08/2007
WordLaunch© 200702/26/2007
ClickStart: My First Computer© 200702/26/2007
Leapster: Scholastic Get Puzzled© 200702/06/2007
FLY Fusion Pentop Computer© 200701/31/2007
Leapster: Clifford the Big Red Dog Reading© 200612/05/2006
LeapPad© 199910/30/2006
Little Leaps Say It, Baby!© 200608/23/2006
Little Leaps First Steps© 200608/23/2006
Little Leaps Play & Move© 200608/23/2006
Little Leaps Leap Ahead© 200608/23/2006
FLYware: Fly Through Writing© 200611/24/2006
100 Hoops Basketball Counting Game© 200607/24/2006
Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set© 200607/24/2006
Fridge Phonics Lower Case Letters Expansion Pack © 200607/24/2006
Leapster: I Spy Challenger© 200606/07/2006
FLY Through Algebra© 200603/08/2006
Leapster: Disney Pixar Cars© 200603/08/2006
LeapTrack Assessment and Instruction System 4.0© 200603/03/2006
LeapsterTV Learning System© 200602/15/2006
Little Leaps Grow-With-Me Learning System© 200602/15/2006
WordChasers© 200502/10/2006
Cosmic Math© 200602/10/2006
Number Raiders© 200601/20/2006
Letterpillar© 200601/19/2006
FLYware: Greetings © 200701/19/2006
FLYware: FLY Friends© 200511/02/2005
FLYware: Batman Begins Card Game© 200510/31/2005
FLYware: FLY Journal© 200510/24/2005
FLYware: Flyball© 200510/24/2005
FLYware: Fly Through Math© 200510/24/2005
FLYware: Fly Through Spanish Translator© 200510/24/2005
FLYware: Fly Through Spelling© 200510/24/2005
FLYware: Fly Through Tests: 6th-8th Grade Math, Science, Social Studies© 200510/24/2005
FLYware: Fly Through Math Grades 4-6, Multiplication and Division© 200510/24/2005
Leapster Educational Game: Batman© 200507/13/2005
My First LeapPad: Tad's Silly Writing Fair© 200507/13/2005
My First LeapPad: Leap's Big Day© 200507/13/2005
TicTalk© 200506/14/2005
Leapster: Schoolhouse Rock! Grammar Rock© 200505/26/2005
Leapster: Schoolhouse Rock! America Rock© 200505/26/2005
LeapPad Easy Reader Phonics Program© 200505/09/2005
My First LeapPad Alphabet Bus© 200504/07/2005
My First LeapPad Desk© 200504/07/2005
Fridge Phonics Magnetic Word Builder© 200504/07/2005
Learn-Around Playground© 200504/07/2005
LeapStages Infant Learning System© 200504/07/2005
Leapster L-Max© 200504/07/2005
FLY Pentop Computer© 200501/27/2005
Leapster Electronic Book: Spider-Man© 200401/04/2005
Leapster Reading with Phonics: Mole's Huge Nose© 200501/04/2005
Leapster Software: Junie B. Jones Journal© 200501/04/2005
Leapster Finding Nemo© 200401/04/2005
Leapster Educational Game: The Incredibles© 200401/04/2005
Leapster Disney Princess Enchanted Learning© 200501/04/2005
Leapster Educational Game: Math Baseball© 200501/04/2005
Leapster: Mr. Pencil's Learn to Draw & Write© 200501/04/2005
Letter Factory Game© 200412/21/2004
LeapPad Game: Mind Wars Junior Interactive© 200412/17/2004
Shrek 2 for LeapPad© 200409/30/2004
The Amazing Spider-Man (LeapPad)© 200406/26/2004
My Own Learning Leap© 200403/25/2004
Turbo Extreme© 200403/13/2004
Leapster Kindergarten© 200402/21/2004
Leapster: Dora the Explorer© 200402/09/2004
Leapster Software: 1st Grade© 200402/09/2004
Leapster Software: Letter Factory Video © 200402/09/2004
Talking Word Factory, The (Video VHS and DVD)© 200402/09/2004
Letter Factory Video (VHS and DVD)© 200402/09/2004
Leapster Software: SpongeBob Squarepants Saves the Day© 200401/22/2004
Leapster Software: Learning With Leap© 200311/14/2003
Stamp & Learn Phonics Kit© 200302/23/2003
Electronic Flash Magic Flash Cards© 200302/23/2003
Mind Mania Spelling© 200302/23/2003
Mind Mania Math© 200302/23/2003
Fiesta in the House© 200302/23/2003
LeapPad "Record and Play" Microphone© 200302/23/2003
LeapPad Pink© 200302/23/2003
LeapPad Plus Writing© 200302/23/2003
LittleTouch LeapPad© 200302/23/2003
Leapster Multimedia Learning System© 200302/23/2003
QuantumPad: Time for Kids Making Movies© 200302/23/2003
LeapPad Phonics Program, Level 1© 200201/31/2003
LeapFrog's Leveled Reading Series© 200201/31/2003
LeapFrog's Interactive Decodable Classroom Library© 200201/29/2003
LeapFrog Phonics Skill Cards, Short Vowels: Cards LIL1-LIL5© 200201/29/2003
Explorer Globe III© 200210/09/2002
LeapFrog Home Connection K-2 Edition© 200209/05/2002
LeapFrog Home Connection PreK Edition© 200209/05/2002
The Literacy Center: Grades 1+ Edition© 200209/05/2002
Pretend and Learn Shopping Cart© 200208/26/2002
LeapStart Learning Table© 200208/26/2002
LeapPad Phonics Program© 200206/06/2002
Quantum Pad Learning System (Interactive Sampler, Grades 3-5)© 200206/06/2002
My First LeapPad: Pooh's Honey Tree© 200205/21/2002
My First LeapPad: Leap to the Moon© 200204/24/2002
LeapTrack Assessment and Instruction System© 200203/26/2002
Turbo Twist BRAIN QUEST© 200203/18/2002
LeapPad© 199901/08/2002
SpellingPro© 200201/07/2002
My First LeapPad© 200109/19/2001
LeapFrog Learning Drum© 200109/13/2001
Discovery Ball© 200108/30/2001
Turbo Twist Vocabulator© 200108/29/2001
iQuest© 200108/29/2001
Explorer II Globe© 200108/03/2001
Odyssey II Globe Education Bundle© 200108/03/2001
Imagination Desk Learning System© 200108/03/2001
Think & Go: Leap's Phonics Pond© 200103/14/2001
Counting Pal© 200003/14/2001
Think & Go Phonics© 200003/14/2001
Ship Ahoy Sorter© 200002/05/2001
Mind Station Connector (formerly LeapLink)© 200012/15/2000
LeapPad Pro© 199908/04/2000
Explorer Globe© 200008/02/2000
School-Time LeapTop© 200106/10/2000
Leap's Learning Band© 200006/10/2000
Turbo Twist Math© 200006/10/2000
Turbo Twist Spelling© 200006/10/2000
Mind Station Connector (formerly Mindlink)© 200006/09/2000
Twist & Shout Multiplication© 199809/23/1999
Phonics Learning System Create-a-Word Traveler© 199709/23/1999
Hug & Learn Baby Tad© 199909/15/1999
Phonics Writing Desk© 199909/15/1999
In 2015 LeapFrog was purchased by long-time Hong Kong based competitor VTech.
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