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VEX EDR V5 Robotics System
© 2018 VEX Robotics

CTR Review
For ages 10-up
For grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, S, Jr, Sr.
$300 and up, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Windows, Mac OSX
Teaches: robotics, programming
Tagged for: STEM, Robots, Coding
VEX EDR V5 is the brand name of middle and high school metal robotics assembly system. Note that "EDR" is not an acronym.

The 2018 edition, released January 2018 for later in the year, includes updated sensors and controllers and a new VEX Coding Studio. The coding studio can be installed on tablets or laptops Components include.

Robot Brain: This is a key component -- it now has a color touch screen, bluetooth, and 21 new ports; plus eight older 3 wire ports for older VEX parts. The color touch screen makes controlling and interacting with your robot much easier.

Vision Sensor: a version of the Pixy Camera that offers machine vision processing. The camera can see colors and patterns, and can track up to seven object colors at once.

V5 Wireless Controller: two analog joysticks make it easy to drive your robot; and 12 buttons can be programmed. The LED screen helps you connect your phone or tablet via bluetooth.

Smart Motor: modifiable gear ratios and a clear window so you can see which gears you are using. A color coded LED system shows you which port and switch controls the motor.

The kits aren't cheap, but the parts are metal and made for serious robotics competitions.

Learn more at
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