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Introducing the CTR Flex Rubric
CTR's new tool for evaluating interactive media using an adaptable set of criteria
The Flex Rubric is CTR's new tool for evaluating interactive media using an adaptable set of criteria. Because a single set of criteria may not apply to all types of products, CTR has created an array of rubrics comprised of custom-picked Quality Attributes designed to fit various genres. These Quality Attributes can be weighted by the reviewer depending on the perceived importance of each criterion in any particular case. Publishers and CTR Subscribers can evaluate products with the Flex Rubric on CTREX to share their own opinions and become a part of the exchange.

Create Your Rubric - Select up to 10 Quality Attributes
Active Learning
Activity/Game for Diversity
Art for Diversity
Audio for Diversity
Battery Life
Bug and crash free
Child Paced
Content for Diversity
Creative Team
Design Features
Diverse Audience
Ease of Use
Ethnic Diversity
Extrinsic Reinforcements
Functionality and Navigation
Illustration Quality
Information Accuracy
Instructions, Guides, and Support Materials
Interactivity Supports Narrative
Narration Quality
Non-fiction or Informational Media for Diversity
Social Interaction
Sound Control
Sound Quality
Stories and Tales for Diversity
Supportive of Inter-Personal Interactions
Well Crafted
Worry Free

Is there a Quality Attribute you would like to use that is not available? Contact us with suggestions.

Quality Attribute
Overall Rating:
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