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Did you know that CTREX Pro Subscribers can “bookmark” reviews for future reference?

While logged in, click on the star next to any title. This will save the review to your profile page. You can view your profile by selecting the icon with your username in the top-right.

Bookmarking has been available for a while now, but now you can create your own folders to organize your bookmarks into as many lists as you want. You can even print these lists or export their data.

Need to find a handful of titles on a certain topic? Create a new folder and move your bookmarks to it. The next time you need to compile a list, your old bookmarks will remain separate. Using this new tool, you can use CTREX to manage your research more flexibly.

Check it out, and let us know what you think! We're always looking for ways to improve the CTREX experience.
CTREX Site License FAQ
Is a Site License right for me?
Consider a CTREX Site License if you are an administrator at a school, library, or other organization with ten or more stations who require CTREX access. We offer both IP filter access, and a custom portal URL. Both are defined below.

What do I get with my Site License?
As an administrator, you get one CTREX Pro Subscription, for highest level access to the site, including current and back issues. CTR Weekly and Monthly Newsletters will be sent to you by email. To provide site access to your organization, you’ll get a custom Portal URL that automatically logs patrons into a shared organization account.

How much does a Site License cost?
Pricing is tiered based on the number of administrator accounts and patron terminals. Use our cost calculator tool to get an estimate.

What if I want each of my patrons to have a unique account?
You can purchase individual subscriptions for each employee (or patron), so that each can have a specific CTREX profile. Send us the email address for each person, to We’ll set up one Pro account for each.

What is a Portal URL?
A Portal URL is a customized link for your organization that automatically signs your patrons in to your organization’s CTREX account. While signed in, patrons have basic access to the site, so they can see full reviews and search without limitations. They also can comment on reviews under the organization’s name, as well as see the CTREX profile for your organization, containing basic contact info.

What is IP Filtering?
You can specify an IP address or range of IP addresses for the devices that you want CTREX access for. Patrons using those terminals will be automatically logged in under the organization’s account, just as with the Portal URL. To start IP filtering, send us the range of IP addresses for the devices in your organization. We’ll do the coding on our end and get back to you with a test.

How do I install my Portal URL?
There’s no installation process. As long as your subscription to Children’s Technology Review is active, the Portal URL will work from any computer or device. To make it available to your patrons, it may be convenient to save the URL as a Bookmark or Favorite in the Web Browsers used by each terminal.

How do I make my Portal URL available to my patrons?
It may be convenient to save the URL as a Bookmark or Favorite in the Web Browsers used by each terminal, or set it as the Home Page in your Browser’s settings.

Where will my Portal URL work?
Your Portal URL will work on any computer or web enabled device (e.g, a phone or tablet) as long as your subscription to Children’s Technology Review is active.

With whom can I share my Portal URL?
Your Portal URL is intended to be used by patrons, staff, faculty, and any other members of your organization. Its functionality ends when your subscription expires.