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CTREX Publisher Profile: VTech Electronics North America
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Titles Reviewed by CTR
KidiBuzz G2© 201909/03/2019
Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2© 201710/06/2017
InnoTV© 201610/23/2015
Kidizoom Action Cam© 201502/24/2015
Go! Go! Smart Wheels © 201402/22/2015
InnoTab Game: I SPY Adventure© 201409/09/2014
InnoTab MAX© 201406/05/2014
Kidizoom Smart Watch© 201402/26/2014
InnoTab 3S© 201307/10/2013
InnoTab 3© 201306/19/2013
InnoTab 2s Learning App Tablet© 201206/12/2012
InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet© 201206/12/2012
MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System © 201206/12/2012
Switch & Go Dinos© 201202/16/2012
InnoTab Software - Cars© 201109/20/2011
Vtech Peek at Me Bunnies© 201102/27/2011
InnoTab© 201102/13/2011
VTech MobiGo© 201002/16/2010
V.Reader© 201002/16/2010
Kidizoom© 200707/22/2009
Kidizoom Plus Camera© 200907/15/2009
Alphabet Soup© 200907/15/2009
Skippy the Smart Pup© 200907/15/2009
Step & Count Kangaroo© 200904/24/2009
Bouncing Colors Turtle© 200904/24/2009
Ride & Learn Giraffe Bike© 200904/24/2009
Nitro Tunes Desktop© 200904/24/2009
Nitro Jr. Notebook© 200904/24/2009
Nitro Web Notebook© 200904/24/2009
Bugsby Reading System© 200904/24/2009
Disney Create-A-Story© 200807/08/2008
V.Smile Cyber Pocket© 200807/08/2008
V.Smile: V-Motion Active Learning System© 200807/07/2008
Kidi Art Studio© 200806/24/2008
Whiz Kid Learning System: Thomas & Friends© 200708/16/2007
Whiz Kid Learning System© 200707/03/2007
V.Smile: Shrek The Third© 200707/02/2007
V.Flash: SpongeBob Squarepants Idea Sponge© 200706/18/2007
V.Flash: Scooby-Doo! Ancient Adventure© 200706/18/2007
V.Flash: The Amazing Spider-Man Countdown to Doom© 200706/18/2007
V.Flash: Disney Princesses Crystal Ball Adventure© 200706/18/2007
V.Smile TV Learning System© 200706/13/2007
V.Smile: Disney/Pixar Cars - Rev It Up In Radiator Springs© 200705/23/2007
V.Smile Keyboard© 200702/27/2007
V.Smile SmartBook© 200702/26/2007
V. Smile: Batman - Gotham City Rescue© 200606/05/2006
V. Smile: Spider-Man & Friends - Doc Ock's Challenge© 200606/05/2006
Write & Learn Spellboard Advanced© 200603/01/2006
SmartVille Alphabet Train Station© 200603/01/2006
SmartVille 1-2-3 Treehouse© 200602/15/2006
V.Smile Art Studio© 200602/15/2006
Jammin' Gym Class© 200602/15/2006
V.Flash Home Entertainment System© 200602/15/2006
V.Smile Baby Infant Development System© 200602/15/2006
Elmo's Big Discoveries (v.Smile)© 200501/03/2006
V.Smile: Zayzoo My Alien Classmate© 200506/30/2005
V.Smile: Alphabet Park Adventure© 200405/27/2005
V.Smile: Toy Story 2 - Operation Rescue Woody© 200505/20/2005
V.Smile: Bob the Builder - Bob's Busy Day© 200405/20/2005
V.Smile Pocket Learning System© 200504/11/2005
V.Smile: Spider-Man & Friends Secret Missions© 200402/14/2005
V.Smile: Disney Princess Ariel's Majestic Journey© 200402/14/2005
V.Smile Plus Learning System© 200703/25/2004
Artificial Intelligence Series 2 VSmile Joysticks© 200202/23/2003
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