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CTREX Publisher Profile: Educational Insights
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Titles Reviewed by CTR
Artie 3000: The Coding Robot© 201906/26/2019
Magic Moves RainbowJam© 201507/17/2015
GeoSafari Quiz Bowl© 200710/19/2007
Aftershock!© 200708/30/2007
Mr. Scrambles© 200708/27/2007
Freeze Up!© 200708/27/2007
Digitz© 200703/02/2007
Hot Dots© 200603/02/2006
FlashFLIPZ © 200602/25/2006
See 'n' Write - The Electronic Handwriting Tutor© 200404/28/2005
LogiRobot Kit© 200412/17/2004
Sonic Sleuth© 200412/15/2004
Touch Chess and Checkers© 200402/12/1904
Keyboard Scramble© 200308/21/2003
Capsela 620 - Bug Builder© 200308/21/2003
Capsela 660 - Aqua Adventure© 200308/21/2003
Hot Dots© 200210/03/2002
Classroom Jeopardy!© 200209/02/2002
GeoSafari Phonics Lab© 200208/20/2002
Word Warp© 200208/19/2002
GeoSafari Sea Search© 200203/26/2002
GeoSafari Talking Microscope © 200203/26/2002
Logiblocs Electronic Discovery System© 200112/16/2001
GeoSafari Laptop (Age 3-7 Edition)© 200110/03/2001
Hide & Seek Sounds: On the Farm© 200005/08/2001
Hide & Seek Sounds: In the City© 200005/08/2001
Hide & Seek Sounds: In the Jungle© 200005/08/2001
Counting Cat© 200102/27/2001
Piccolo Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles© 199902/27/2001
Piccolo Touch and Talk Interactive Discovery Center© 200002/27/2001
GeoSafari Knowledge Pad: Addition & Subtraction© 200008/15/2000
GeoSafari Knowledge Pad: Beginning Math© 200008/15/2000
GeoSafari Knowledge Pad: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages© 200108/15/2000
GeoSafari Knowledge Pad: Multiplication & Division (Grades 3-4)© 200108/15/2000
GeoSafari: Knowledge Pad The PLATO Collection© 200003/17/2000
GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr.© 199809/15/1999
GeoSafari Science© 199706/26/1997
GeoSafari Science & History Value Pack© 199808/12/1999
I Can Be An Animal Doctor/Veterinarian© 199707/06/1997
Max Comes to Earth© 199707/04/1997
GeoSafari History© 199706/26/1997
GeoSafari Geography© 199706/26/1997
Nine Worlds© 199602/07/1997
I Can Be A Dino Finder© 199611/19/1996
Multimedia Horses© 1997 01/15/1997
Drawing Discoveries© 199611/15/1996
GeoSafari Animals© 199610/20/1996
Chess Mates© 199608/20/1996
Grandma Ollie’s Morphabet Soup© 199605/29/1996
Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden© 199601/16/1996
Adventures of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny, The © 199601/15/1996
GeoSafari Multimedia, Vol. 1© 199511/27/1995
Multimedia Dogs 2.0© 199508/22/1995
Multimedia Cats© 199508/22/1995
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing! For Kids© 199408/22/1995
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