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Titles Reviewed by CTR
Hot Wheels Infinite Loop© 201908/28/2019
Hot Wheels TechMods© 201904/17/2019
Barbie Fashionistas Wheelchair and Prosthetic Limb© 201904/17/2019
Pictionairy Air© 201903/12/2019
Aristotle© 201705/09/2017
Bloxels© 201610/17/2016
Bob the Builder: Build City© 201608/29/2016
View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer 2.0© 201604/08/2016
ThingMaker App© 201603/16/2016
ThingMaker 3D Printer© 201603/07/2016
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse© 201603/06/2016
Turbo Flip Thomas© 201503/16/2015
Hello Barbie© 201502/18/2015
View-Master© 201502/14/2015
Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car© 201410/11/2014
Monster High Monster Maker© 201410/03/2014
Barbie Digital Makeover App© 201301/24/2014
Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror© 201304/10/2013
Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle© 201304/08/2013
Apptivity Hot Wheels© 201207/15/2012
Fijit Friends© 201107/18/2011
Sweet Talkin' Ken© 201101/28/2011
Hot Wheels Video Racer© 201101/21/2011
Barbie Video Girl Doll© 201007/13/2010
Puppy Tweets© 201001/22/2010
Loopz© 201001/22/2010
Dance Star Mickey© 201001/22/2010
Matchbox Stinky: The Garbage Truck© 201001/22/2010
Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Car Assortment© 201001/22/2010
Sing-a-ma-jigs© 201001/22/2010
Dora Links Doll© 200909/09/2009
FAMPS (Feelings, Attitudes, Moods and Personalities) © 200903/20/2009
Mindflex Game© 200903/20/2009
Dora’s Explorer Girls© 200903/02/2009
Matchbox: Rocky the Robot Truck© 200903/01/2009
U.B. Funkeys Game Factory Tool© 200901/10/2009
UCreate Games © 200901/10/2009
Ucreate Music© 200901/10/2009
Barbie Digital Nail Printer© 200901/10/2009
Xtractaurus© 200901/10/2009
Stylin' Studio© 200808/12/2008
My Meebas© 200808/11/2008
Everythinggirl.com (www.everythinggirl.com)© 200802/08/2008
D-Rex© 200802/08/2008
Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Controller© 200802/07/2008
Barbie iDesign© 200801/15/2008
High School Musical DVD Board Game© 200708/15/2007
Barbie Girl Device© 200704/27/2007
Barbiegirls.com© 200704/27/2007
HyperScan Video Game System© 200609/20/2006
Pixel Chicks© 200504/11/2005
Juice Box Portable Media Player© 200410/09/2004
Matchbox Rescue Net Map 'n Go! Fire Truck© 200108/03/2001
Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Compose 'n Play Orchestra© 200105/11/2001
Max Steel: Covert Missions© 200012/15/2000
Tyco R/C Racin' Ratz© 200012/15/2000
Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing© 200011/21/2000
Barbie Magic Genie Bottle Adventure© 200011/17/2000
Barbie Pet Rescue© 200008/03/2000
Barbie Magic Genie Bottle© 200007/31/2000
Hot Wheels Micro Racers CD-ROM© 200004/06/2000
Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone & CAT Controller© 199902/23/2000
UNO for Game Boy Color© 199901/30/2000
Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone (Game Boy)© 199901/30/2000
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (Game Boy)© 199901/30/2000
Sesame Street's Music Maker CD-ROM© 199910/12/1999
Your Notebook with Help from Amelia© 199909/28/1999
American Girls Dress Designer, The© 199909/28/1999
Sesame Street The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland© 199909/28/1999
Barbie Super Sports CD-ROM© 199905/23/1999
Hot Wheels Tattoo Designer CD-ROM© 199905/23/1999
Barbie Sticker Designer CD-ROM© 199905/23/1999
Nickelodeon Nick Click Digital Camera & CD-ROM© 199905/30/1999
Barbie Race & Ride for PlayStation Game Console© 199905/30/1999
Barbie Ocean Discovery for Game Boy Color© 199905/30/1999
Generation Girl Gotta Groove CD-ROM© 199905/30/1999
Barbie Digital Makeover CD-ROM© 199905/30/1999
Detective Barbie 2 CD-ROM The Vacation Mystery© 199905/30/1999
Barbie Totally Tattoos CD-ROM© 199905/23/1999
Barbie As Sleeping Beauty CD-ROM© 199905/23/1999
Rockett's Camp Adventures CD-ROM© 199905/23/1999
Purple Moon Secret Paths to Your Dreams CD-ROM© 199905/22/1999
Purple Moon's Rockett Collection© 199905/22/1999
Fisher-Price Magna Doodle CD-ROM© 199905/22/1999
Matchbox Caterpillar Big Dirt Movers CD-ROM© 199905/22/1999
Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone CD-ROM© 199905/22/1999
Hot Wheels Crash CD-ROM© 199905/22/1999
Polly Pocket CD-ROM© 199906/09/1999
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver CD-ROM© 199803/28/1998
Barbie Riding Club CD-ROM© 199803/28/1998
Fashion Magic Tank Top Iron-Ons CD-ROM Kit© 199805/30/1998
Fashion Magic Hair Wear 'N Charms CD-ROM Kit© 199805/30/1998
Fashion Magic Tattoos CD-ROM Kit© 199805/30/1998
mangia© 199803/27/1998
Barbie Nail Designer CD-ROM© 199803/28/1998
My Interactive Pooh© 199803/28/1998
Barbie Photo Designer Digital Camera & CD-ROM© 199803/27/1998
American Girls Premiere, The: 2nd Edition© 199806/01/1998
Barbie Jewelry Designer CD-ROM© 199803/28/1998
UNO Card Game CD-ROM© 199803/28/1998
Hot Wheels Official Collector's Guide CD-ROM© 199803/28/1998
Play and Teach Big Bird© 199803/28/1998
Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer CD-ROM© 199803/21/1996
Adventures with Barbie Ocean Discovery© 199706/25/1997
Hot Wheels Custom Designer© 199706/25/1997
Clueless© 199706/25/1997
Barbie Party Print ‘n Play© 199705/29/1996
American Girls Premiere, The© 199706/25/1997
Barbie Magic Hair Styler© 199706/25/1997
Talk With Me Barbie Doll© 199706/25/1997
Barbie Screen Styler © 199706/25/1997
Barbie Magic Fairy Tales: Barbie as Rapunzel© 199603/21/1996
Mother Goose Farm 4 Learning© 199603/28/1996
Adventures in Pollyville© 199603/25/1996
Barbie Magic Wand (peripheral)© 199603/25/1996
Fisher-Price Parenting Guide© 199603/25/1996
Hot Wheels Mouse (peripheral)© 199603/25/1996
Cabbage Patch Kids© 199603/25/1996
Barbie Storymaker© 199603/21/1996
Barbie Makeover Magic© 199603/21/1996
Barbie Fashion Designer© 199603/21/1996
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