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Feature Review

Price: $2.99
Runs on: iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle
Ages: 3-8
For grades: P, K, 1, 2, 3
Teaches: logic, spatial relations, mazes, problem solving
11/22/2016 see Thinkrolls Kings & Queens.

Thinkrolls are the eighteen ball-like characters in this app that's "part rolling ball platformer and part physics puzzler." Children must navigate their Thinkrolls through a series of obstacles in brightly patterned mazes. Each chapter in the game introduces a new object with unique physical properties, for example, force, acceleration, buoyancy, heat, elasticity and gravity. Each of the 90 easy and 90 harder levels gradually build upon successive lessons to strengthen observation, reasoning, problem solving, spatial cognition and memory. In addition, there is no failure. As children try different combinations to clear a path through the maze, they learn through trial and error what works. Children must also plan out their moves in advance, use precise timing and rely on their memory to reunite their Thinkroll buddies. Chapters include: Cookie - children get accustomed to the fine motor skills needed to navigate the mazes as they munch cookies to clear a path; Crate - use the crates to reach objects; Balloon - burst balloons on spikes; Rock - discover that dropping a heavy, dense boulder will generate enough force to break through cracked ground; Jelly - springy jelly can launch the Thinkroll out of valleys and up onto peaks; Fire - the sound of flames will alert kids to a burning hazard ahead, but ice blocks put out the fire; and Elevator - coordinate all the elements as they synchronize movements of two different elevators. Features include: 180 challenging levels with mind-sharpening puzzles; easy mode for ages 3-5, hard mode for ages 5-8; track progress for up to 6 player profiles; and original soundtrack and sound design. There are no ads or in-app purchases.

See also Thinkrolls 2.


CTR May 15 Feature Review Entered 11/07/2014 by Warren Buckleitner, Modified 12/13/2016 by LD