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Feature Review

Monster Mingle
Price: $2.99
Runs on: iPad, iPhone, Android
File size: 80.7
Ages: 3-6
For grades: P, K, 1
Teaches: creativity, causality
Languages: English
Scaffolding: no scaffolding
Explore a monster sandbox, with colorful, zany plants and creatures, where 40 monster parts can be mixed and matched, as they automatically snap into place.

It's like a flying, swimming Mr. Potato Head, with a playful monster theme. You learn such essential life skills as fins help you swim, and wings help you fly. Other than that, there's just random exploration in a responsive, funny setting.

Younger children, and their parents, will appreciate the fail-proof design; although some children wanted a home for their monster to sleep.

Some minor issues include looping background sounds (the bubbling water or flapping wings) that adults may find annoying if the app is left unattended. Also it's hard to tell one part from another. So if you want to find some wings to fly, you might actually discover legs instead.

Finally, the exploration area is limited in size, but it is presented as if it is infinite. So if you swipe yourself all the way to one side you may hit an invisible wall. It would be better if the boundaries were visible. These are small problems. It's always nice to discover an app where the child's finger directs the action, and not the other way around.


CTR May 15 Feature Review Entered 04/17/2015 by Warren Buckleitner, Modified 12/13/2016 by LD