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Feature Review

Mystery Word Town
Price: $2.99
Runs on: iPad, iPhone, Android
Ages: 6-12
For grades: P, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Teaches: reading, spelling, phonics
Scaffolding: word highlighting
8/27/2015 Update: It is now possible to load your own spelling lists, record your own voice and edit your word lists.

Here's an app solution to an age-old challenge: making spelling practice fun.

As you explore the different buildings in a western town, you find lost letters that you use to spell words, that unlock doors. The format is similar to another Artgig app: Mystery Math Museum; but this time the Western theme is more developed, and you find gold nuggets.

We liked how the app lets you choose between three challenge levels; each with about 80 words. Level 1 starts with words like all and find; Level 2 lists words like above, friend, and knives; and Level 3 includes words such as about, written, and understand. You can toggle music on/off but that also turns off the background sounds. It would be nice of they were separated (the sounds are "all or nothing."

The bottom line? This app just might be fun enough for a child to want to practice spelling.


CTR Jun 15 Feature Review Entered 05/05/2015 by Warren Buckleitner, Modified 12/13/2016 by LD