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Project Here Games
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CTR Review
For ages 11-up
For grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, S, Jr, Sr.
$free, Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome, Internet Site
Teaches: health, drugs, substance abuse
Tagged for: Health
This is a free online experience designed to make substance use prevention education available to all public middle schools in Massachusetts. After you create an account (a guest mode is available, with no login) you take a 20 question personality survey, given as a multiple-choice questionaire.

You are then taken through a series of questions and bite sized activities designed to introduce healthy decisions about such things as peer group pressure and stress.

Content is organized aroudn four content areas—myth-busting, coping, decision-making, and communication.

Players can then apply these skills to solve scenarios dealing with critical social and emotional life skills such as mindfulness, peer pressure, stress, and effective communication.

The scenario section gives players an opportunity to try out these solutions in a safe, online space and is structured as a fast-moving, playful consumer entertainment experience with an underlying, embedded curriculum. Available for free on computers, tablets, and smartphones and has the flexibility to be used by teachers as an in-classroom activity or by students outside of school. Visit
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