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CTR Weekly 7/11/2018
Let's shift the conversation on technology and children; Plus Mario Tennis Aces and a robotic Star Wars toy
"It only takes one kernel of fear to turn off your logical thinking." Barbara Chamberlin

Parents have a lot of things to worry about, says Barbara Chamberlin, Professor at NMSU in her recent Dust or Magic talk.Immunization is just one example. A child's use of technology is another. That's why we must refocus conversations about children and technology. Chamberlin expertly maps three areas:

1. PLAY IS LEARNING. We must better articulate how play is learning. As Fred Rogers said, "play is the work of childhood." HOW, exactly, is play learning. Watch the talk to learn five ways.
2. HOW IS DATA USED? Everything is collecting data, from Facebook to your vacuum cleaner. While we need to be aware of WHO is collecting it, HOW is it being used, it is equally as important to help children to understand how data can be used to manipulate behavior.
3. CORRELATION vs. CAUSALITY. It's important for everyone to better understand two things relate to one another. By not understanding causality, one allows irrational discourse to shape policy. That's bad for the next generation.

Watch Barbara's the full talk (unlisted) -->

BOOKMARKS: Don't miss the discussion
• Facebook Messenger at 11:58;
• The GDPR at 15:40;
• Correlation vs. causation at 21:00

The late night comedian talks about his four-year-old daughter's reaction to a 'Paw Patrol' birthday piñata.
Watch (starts w/an ad) -->

* Mario Tennis Aces
Nintendo of America,, ($60 on Nintendo Switch), for ages 7-up.
Designed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, this is a 1 to 4 player game of virtual tennis with a lot of depth, including both online tournament and adventure modes. We found it easy to pick up and play, either using the traditional controllers or via actual hand motions, called "swing mode."
Content includes a cast of 15 characters, including Mario, Wario and Waluigi. Each character has different moves and serves. Features include a good leveling system, that allows a novice to jump right in. But expert players will still find challenges, via trick shots and power moves.
Video Link:

Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie
Hasbro, Inc.,, ($130 on Smart Toy), for ages 3-12.
Designed by the robotics team at Furreal Pets, this 16 inch figure responds to motion and touch with 100 sound and motion combinations. Make a noise and Chewie responds with a roar. Features include poseable legs and different facial expressions. His outfit includes a bandolier and satchel. Powered by 4 AA batteries. Release date: Fall 2018
Video Link:

* Denotes Editor's Choice

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