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This is where we post corrections. We also may make notes in the body of the review. If you notice an error or would like to suggest a correction, please contact us.

SEPTEMBER 2010: We incorrectly attributed the creators of Mission-US (https://www.mission-us.org ) as follows “It was created by Kids Interactive and Electric Funstuff for WNET in cooperation with the Center for Children and Technology.” The correct attribution should be “The development team includes historians from the American Social History Project (ASHP) at CUNY, researchers from Education Development Center’s Center for Children and Technology (CCT), and game developers from Electric Funstuff. Mission US is produced by THIRTEEN in association with WNET.ORG.”

MARCH 2010: VTech’s new reading system was listed incorrectly, as “VTech Flash” on page 2 The correct title is VTech FLiP.