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New feature: build custom lists with bookmark folders ▼
New feature: build custom lists with bookmark folders ▲
Did you know that CTREX Pro Subscribers can “bookmark” reviews for future reference? While logged in, click on the star next to any title. This will save the review to your profile page. You can view your profile by selecting the icon with your username in the top-right. Bookmarking has been available for a while now, but now you can create your own folders to organize your bookmarks into as many lists as you want. You can even print these lists or export their data. Need to find a handful of titles on a certain topic? Create a new folder and move your bookmarks to it. The next time you need to compile a list, your old bookmarks will remain separate. Using this new tool, you can use CTREX to manage your research more flexibly.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Our Mission? To help parents, teachers, librarians and publishers find quality interactive media/technology products for children birth to 15-years.
  2. What are the physical forms of CTR? CTR is produced weekly, monthly and is available as a searchable online database (Children’s Technology Finder™). The weekly spotlights noteworthy apps, and is sent to subscribers on Wednesday mornings.
  3. Who owns Children’s Technology Review? Active Learning Associates, Inc., a privately-held corporation located at 126 Main Street, Flemington, New Jersey, 08822, publishes Children’s Technology Review. Warren Buckleitner is the Founder and Editor.
  4. What is the correct name? It has changed with the technology. The first issue was printed in 1993 under the masthead Children’s Software Revue. In April 2005, “ & New Media” was added to the title. In 2005, the title was again changed to Children’s Technology Review. The current and formal name is “Children’s Technology Review.”
  5. Do you sell subscriber information? Absolutely not. We do not release subscriber names to outside parties, and we have no interest in doing so. We do use email and/or address information to deliver billing and renewal notices no more than twice per year. Please see our disclaimer (http://childrenstech.com/disclaimer) for details and other legal and copyright information.
  6. Do you review video games? Yes. We review all forms of interactive media of interest to children, ages birth to 15.
  7. How long has CTR been around? The first issue of CTR was published October 1993. The review database contains over 12,000 reviews dating back to 1985.
  8. How do you avoid conflicts of interest? It is important for our readers to know about all sources of potential bias, and for us to fully disclose them. CTR contains no advertising, and CTR reviewers do not own stock, or serve as advisors or consultants for any company whose products we might review. See our editorial guidelines for more information.
  9. What products do you review? All interactive children’s media, including educational and entertainment CD-ROMs, children’s video games, apps, children’s Internet sites and smart toys (toys with interactive electronic capabilities). As educational psychologists, our expertise is in evaluating the quality of the interaction between the child and the experience.
  10. For what ages do you review? From birth to 15 years.
  11. Who assigns the ratings? Both children and experienced reviewers using CTR’s evaluation rubric.
  12. Why do you charge for access to parts of this site? Since we are not advertisement-driven, our income comes from our subscribers. We believe in providing you with the best, unbiased reviews that are available.
  13. What happens to the products you review? We donate all reviewed products to the Mediatech Foundation, a non-profit community technology center located in Flemington, NJ. At Mediatech, new products are tested and circulated. Expensive products, such as cameras or computers, are returned after the review period is over. Mediatech is open to the public. For more information, visit Mediatech’s web site: http://www.mediatech.org/
  14. How do I submit a product for review? Is there a charge? Use our online submission form (http://childrenstech.com/submit). There is no charge.
  15. How can I get Children’s Technology Review? A CTR Pro subscription costs $60/year, providing you with the monthly issue, weekly newsletters, and unlimited database access. You can order online at http://childrenstech.com/subscribe and get instant database access or call 908-284-0404 from 9-3 EST.
If you have further questions that are not answered here, please email us at info@childrenstech.com or contact us at http://childrenstech.com/contact