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CTR September 2019
Vol. 27 No. 9 Issue 236
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Noteworthy AR projects, plus the battle for children's digital rights wages on...

“Are you really expecting companies to give up profits by restricting the data they collect on children? Of course I am! Of course, everyone should.” Beeban Kidron at https://nyti.ms/2zl42ez

Dear CTR Subscriber --

The decision for which product to feature on this month’s cover was an easy one. JFK Moonshot demonstrates how AR (Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality) technology has matured over the past 12 months. The free app, paid for by aerospace companies with deep pockets, leverages the full power of Apple and Google’s AR tools to make history blast off. Mixed reality experiences like this one are getting harder to ignore, which is why we created a CTREX list of 64 noteworthy AR products. See the complete list at https://bit.ly/2lvZcr6

Also new for this month -- a new staff member. I’m happy to welcome Chris Guest to our editorial department. Chris is a recent graduate of TCNJ’s IMM department. He’ll be helping with editorial duties and conference planning.

The Fight Over Children’s Digital Rights Wages On
Like the tremors that signal an earthquake, there’s an increasing number of events pointing to a reckoning day for profit motivated media providers.

Three to note include a proposed new Digital Bill of Rights for Minors by Senators Edward Markey (a democrat) and Josh Hawley (a republican). This is for older children and teens. Learn more at http://bitly.com/34jYO0Z

A second is the “social media addiction bill” also from Senator Josh Hawley, which will attempt to ban addictive and deceptive techniques used in many children’s apps and video delivery systems. These include the use of the “infinite scroll for newsfeeds” and autoplay for videos. Learn more about this bill at http://bitly.com/34rDC9o

And finally, the FTC fined Google’s YouTube $170 million for being evil with children’s information by “knowingly and illegally” harvesting personal information from children and targeting them with ads. Read the NYTimes coverage at https://nyti.ms/2PG1oed

Will such punishments and legislation lead to better quality media for children? Punishments can change behavior. But so can rewards. We’d rather see a healthy marketplace where ethical children’s publishers can make a living making apps worth paying for.

The Dust Award Goes To...
Puppets With Sound by RBI Puppets ($20) is being sold at our local Shoprite. It is a classic play pattern mis-match. The technology induced sound interrupts pretend play and language experiences. Until the batteries die. Stick with a sock.

*Coding Critters
Crayola Create and Play
Dr. Panda Learn & Play
*Fox Factory
Gale Interactive: Science powered by VIVED
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak
*JFK Moonshot
KIBO 21 Robot Kit
Kurbo Health Coaching
Puzzle Play: Toddler's Games
Race With Ryan

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