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CTR November 2019
Vol. 27 No. 11 Issue 238
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New reviews include LEGO Duplo World, Ring Fit Adventure, and XBox All Access

“There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth.” ― Fred Rogers, from “The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember.”

Dear CTR Subscriber --

In just a few days I’ll be huddled up with a group of children’s interactive media reviewers and publishers to assess the last 12 months, as the 19th annual Dust or Magic Institute takes place. Once again we’ll be inspired by the work of Fred Rogers, as we explore ways to “make goodness attractive” with the latest digital tools. Examples of this goodness are easy to find in this November issue.

Don’t overlook Toca Life World: Haunted House, as well as the new LEGO Duplo World by StoryToys (pictured on the cover). Both use subscription models, but do so in a way that doesn’t trick chidren.

The product that is especially worth noting this month is Nintendo’s innovative Ring Fit Adventure. This exercise experience puts you in the shoes of your in-game Avatar -- pairing your actual motions with game mechanics and a system. After each level, the Switch Joy-Con's IR Motion Sensor can measure your pulse by placing your thumb over it, letting you know your heart rate and whether you can go a little harder or should slow down your pace if it's too high. This attention to detail is valuable, and works behind the scenes to better cater to your individual workout preferences. You can customize your own workouts, and set reminders that alert you when it’s time for a session. Kudos to the creative team at Nintendo for another contribution to health, and family life in general. Read more in CTREX and please comment on your own workout experience.

Our data hound friend Scott Traylor had a close look at the latest Common Sense Media survey on how older children (ages 8-up) are using technology.
Read the report, at http://bitly.com/2PwTlih
Read Scott’s interpretation on LinkedIn, at http://bitly.com/333dCjb
According to the report, media use of tweens and teens is up slightly, but not in a significant way (from 4 hours and 36 minutes in 2015 to 4 hours and 44 minutes in 2019). It's also up a bit more for teens (from 6:40 in 2015 to 7:22 in 2019, a 42 minute increase) but again, not a a major difference. These data suggests there have not been as many significant disruptors across the media landscape for tweens and teens over the last four years.

*Blox 3D Junior
Card City Nights
*Card City Nights 2
DEVAR Augmented Reality Books
Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece by Ubisoft
*LEGO Duplo World
*LEGO Duplo World: Number Train
*LEGO Duplo World: Rescue Adventure
*LEGO Duplo World: Under the Sea
*LEGO Duplo World: Winter Holiday
*LEGO Duplo World: World Animals
Look, I'm Making it Up!
Mario Kart Tour
Mystik Belle
Pan-Pan, A Tiny Big Adventure
Project Oikos by Ubisoft
Rabbids Coding by Ubisoft
*Ring Fit Adventure
*Snake Pass
*Toca Life World: Haunted House
Toon Blocks
XBox All Access

Did you miss Dust or Magic 2019? Stay tuned for the session videos. We'll try to release one per week until they are all posted.