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CTR April 2018
Vol. 28 No. 4 Issue 218

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Why Apple's Classkit is so important; Acer's Chromebook and Lasers
“If you are able to finish something, people will respect you for it.” Clemens Scott, Co-Creator, Old Man’s Journey.

Dear CTR Subscribers --  

I’m just home from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, with plenty to report.

Let’s start with the biggest non-news -- Apple’s Education Event. I had hoped for something dramatic, like a drop-proof, touch screen laptop with wireless (Qi) charging, and a battery free stylus. But all we got was yet another iPad to sort out. Still, there were some important software announcements to note, including a new feature called ClassKit (see that lets educational app publishers sync their content to Schoolwork -- Apple’s new content management package. Whenever one giant shifts, others respond. See page 3 for analysis of the recent hardware news.

A highlight of the Bologna event is getting to meet some of the winners of the BolognaRagazzi Digital Award in person. One of the winners this year was Old Man’s Journey by Broken Rules. This app is important because of the way it seemlessly weaves a story with video and interactive content. It’s also important because it’s making money, without relying on in app purchases or subscriptions. Get to know the Old Man’s Journey story, at .

Want to see a powerful laser blast some things? Of course you do. But lasers can do a lot more than blow things up. They can scan your groceries, make a mouse work, and let you “see” sound, by turning a speaker into a sound visualizer. Read more at and on page 3.