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Blox 3D World Creator
© 2015 Appy Monkeys
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (OS 6.0 or later)
Ages: 5-up
Teaches: spatial relations, logic, creativity, building, art
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 90%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
7/30/2018 See also Blox 3D City Creator.

The name of this app says it all in this easy to use, powerful-feeling block building experience. Just keep in mind that your "world" is limited to one screen that is about 60 by 60 by 60 blocks.

You start with an empty screen surrounded with 16 types of building blocks, a simple color palette and 10 moving items.

After a short tutorial that can be skipped, you tap the screen to add a block. A fast double tap takes it away, so you quickly learn that it is possible to unbuild as quickly as you can build.

There are some delightful surprises, including a realistic smokestack, weather and lighting options, and people that move to make your world come alive. Projects can be as simple as a tower in the desert, or as busy as a teeming city block. There are some fun elements -- you learn that people and sheep don't mix with tigers. It is easy to zoom in or out, or rotate the stage to view your creation from any angle, but we noticed that larger projects result in sluggish navigation. This is a minor issue. There is both an iPhone and iPad version. We'd only recommend using this app on larger screens. Work can be saved at any point. All things considered, this app is well worth the download. Made in Unity.

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