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Mystik Belle
© 2015 Last Dimension Inc.
Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Ages: 9-up
Teaches: exploration, spacial relations, puzzle solving, reading comprehension,
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 77.5%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
This spooky puzzle platformer is perfect for Halloween, but it has some rough spots. You move a young witch-in-training, Belle MacFae to find ingredients for a special potion as you avoid ghouls and solve puzzles. This requires flicking fireballs from her wand to fend off Frankenstein's Monster or a three-headed Rat King.

Besides finding various items, you'll need to solve puzzles or combine the parts you find into convoluted contraptions. Usually this is easy enough as long as you pick up items and keep characters in mind as you play, but a few puzzles can leave you stumped.

Another frustration comes from raccoon enemies who can steal your inventory items. You can reclaim stolen items from a small crawl space nearby, but this isn't obvious and you may not even realize an item has been stolen. We also noted some inappropriate language. There is a kid-friendly filter in the options menu. We played on the Wayforward-published version (rated E10+) available on Xbox One and PS4, which by default have toned-down language. Also, some monster designs may be a little scary for children, like a giant spider and some zombie-like enemies. Nothing we noticed goes too far into the realm of gruesome.

Despite its hiccups, Mystik Belle comes away as a unique, puzzling Halloween-themed adventure game, perfect to get into the scary spirit.

This game includes work by pixel artist Andrew Bado, who is also the developer.
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