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Daniel Tiger's Storybooks (update)
© 2020 PBS Kids
iPad, iPhone, Android
Ages: 3-up
Teaches: Reading
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 78%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
A small collection of six short stories narrated by Daniel Tiger about life's lessons. These include going to the Doctor, sharing, babysitters, making a present for dad and so on.

While the stories are good, and the text is highlighted the first time it is read, there are some limitations. From an interactive point of view, there's very few features. You can tap on the screen to launch a generic motion; but few of the items do anything. This is not a "Living Book" loaded with hot spots. In addition, the text is small. Features include the ability to control the downloads (Wi-Fi is required do download content) and you can toggle between English and Spanish. Each book includes a familiar song and a short matching game drawn from the theme

Stories include Big Brother Daniel, Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car, Daniel and His Friends, Daniel’s Babysitter, Neighborhood Clean Up, and Something Special For Dad. There are two reading modes: With the narration on, Daniel Tiger reads the books. Learn more at pbskids.org/daniel
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