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Family Feud
© 2020 Ubisoft
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox
Ages: 10-up
Teaches: trivia, logic, socialization
CTR Review
It's now been 20 years since we first reviewed a Family Feud trivia game -- the last was also by Ubisoft in 2010. This decade's version once again brings a version of the famous trivia game into your living room, by way of a game console (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and Stadia). Content is drawn from a database of 1,500 surveys taken from the show. This is a multiplayer game, with up to ten players on two teams that can play either online and through local multiplayer.

There are four modes of play:

Classic (players compete with up to five others, against an AI family, with three levels of difficulty).

Party Battle (play group versus group using a local multiplayer feature).

Couch vs. Couch (players feud with players around the world in online multiplayer).

Live Show (broadcast your game on using Twitch or YouTube Live. Viewers guess the answers and earn virtual currency for in-game items).

Features include the ability to choose characters and unlock customization items, experience points, and special titles by playing more games.
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