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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis
Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome, Internet Site
Ages: 8-up
Teaches: logic, problem solving, math, classification, attributes
CTR Review
Designed for schools (and school budgets) this relaunch of the 1997 game Logical Journey of the Zoombinis runs from your browser (using Unity). And it looks and plays the same way (point and click).

You start on Zoombini Isle where you must help its cute little round inhabitants escape. To find a new land on which to build their homes, the Zoombinis take a boat to a mysterious island. The story element is described by a dramatic sounding narrator, which adds to the fun. There they encounter pizza-eating trolls, hazardous bridges and other obstacles. The levels include Pizza Pass, Titanic Tattooed Toads, and Mudball Wall. Although they may sometimes need a little help, kids will enjoy solving the numerous logic puzzles to help the Zoombinis find their freedom.

The puzzles require some real problem solving. Children have to figure out which Zoombini characteristics such as eyes, noses, hair and feet allow them to cross the bridges at Allergy Cliffs– the cliffs "sneeze" creatures with incorrect features off of the bridge! In another puzzle, children must identify a particular pattern to create an electrical surge. There are 12 progressively more challenging puzzles to solve, each one providing hands-on practice with sorting, classifying, graphing and deductive reasoning.

This new web-based classroom version also features additional educator materials and guides, as well as tracking that allows educators to collect data and identify when students demonstrate the fundamental practices of Computational Thinking.

If you register, you can play a game for free. The annual classroom license (40 Seats) is $200. A school license is $750. The game was originally created by TERC. Learn more at https://zoombinis.fablevisiongames.com/zoombinis/
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