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Exhibit Explorations
Windows, Mac OSX
Ages: 8-12
Teaches: science, STEM, technology
CTR Review
A series of four "virtual field trip experiences" for grades 3–12 that might be good for remote elementary curricula. Content is derived directly from Carnegie's Science Center exhibits that include demonstrations, exhibit tours, and live instruction from the CSC staff. Content is designed for (grades 3–5, 6–8 and 9–12). Themes include Engineering and Robotics (explore the robots in roboworld and investigating how they accomplish tasks. Then, visit educators in BNY Mellon Fab Lab Carnegie Science Center as they use a 3D printer and laser cutter to prototype a flying machine.

Animals and Aquaria: Understand how organisms interact with other living components of an ecosystem and how water quality affects populations. Featuring video interactions with the swimming, hopping, and slithering animals in the H2Oh! Field Station.

Space and Astronomy: Explore the relationship between the Earth, Sun, and other celestial bodies with out-of-this-world interactions in Buhl Planetarium and SpacePlace. End with a bang as the Theaters team demonstrates rocket propulsion using an alcohol-powered rocket.

Health and The Human Body: Observe how systems of the body behave and how external factors affect our overall health with a tour of BodyWorks. Then, visit the Works Theater for a demonstration of how the human body turns food into energy.

Fee: $250 per classroom of up to 35 students
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