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Urban City Stories
© 2021 PlayToddlers
$5 to unlock the app
Ages: 3-8
Teaches: creativitry, language
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 86%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
This is a Toca Life-like sandbox style app, feauring city/urban themed items that can be moved around. You can also snap still photos at any time.

The design is excellent, but not as well crafted as Toca Life. Some items don't interact in a fluid way with other items. The trash won't fall easily into the trash can, and characters can't be moved through doors (you have to use the character tray on the bottom of the screen). The free version of the app teases you by letting you go through a fun looking door that leads to a dead end -- you can see the dimmed out content, but it's behind a lock that leads to a purchase screen. The cost is reasonable -- just $5 to unlock all the areas; with no subscription needed. This method could wastes a child's time and energy. The ethical option would be to have the lock visible on the door in advance, perhaps along with the word "preview."

Testers also noted that the background music is loud but can be silenced in the parent options. All in all, this is a well designed experience with a good content set, but it's not as well designed as the original series that inspired it -- Toca Life.
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