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RaceCraft: Build & Race
Free with IAP $6.99 to unlock parts
iPad, iPhone, Android
Ages: 3-12
Teaches: racing, bulding tracks
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 74%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
This noisy, flashy first-person racing game is free to download, but costs $7 to unlock most of the additional content. It's a classic teaser experience. You start by dragging and dropping a starter set of parts onto a building area, and then and "drive" your car on your track in first person. You don't actually steer your car; and the parts snap together automatically so there's not much creativity, skill or problem solving. It's possible to race other players, if you purchase the $7 content pack. To go faster, you tap a green acceleration icon. You can turn off the music in the Settings and Info menu. There are jumps, loops and rattling rails, along with slippery water splashes, bubbling lava or mud. As you race you collect "sparks" to unlock rewards. The app starts in 1-player by default, and offers you a 2-Player that leads to a locked icon. You discover this after you make the selection, which wastes children's time.

The app displays the ESRB Certified Kids' Privacy Seal. Children are reminded that In-app purchases cost real money. The app also contains contextual advertising including the option to watch ads for rewards from Budge Studios. The ads are removed after a purchase. The app contains social media links behind a parental gate.
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