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Scooby Doo Mystery Cases
Ages: 6-up
Teaches: classification, logic, language, reading, comics
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 82%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
Free, fun and a little buggy, this is a collection of Scooby Doo-themed puzzles and cartoons. Most of the mysteries are nothing more than "find the hidden object" although there are some comics and dress up play sprinkled into the mix. It's not clear what content is free and what's not, because some of the icons in the free iOS version of this app don't work. As you play, you earn Scooby snacks which you can use to purchase costumes. Additional content includes videos and character bios. The app encourages you to play every day by offering daily snacks. The snacks are hidden behind a set of doors, arranged in a grid. Behind one of the doors is a hidden monster. The number of treats you get depends on when you uncover the monster, creating a perfect setting for intermittent reinforcement. The motive is clearly to encourage children to return each day to perhaps get lucky with a lot of scooby snacks. Here's a look at this technique https://youtu.be/9Vy3fDr8b8s

The bottom line? If you like hidden object puzzles, this is a good app for you. Just be award of the motivation traps.
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