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Toca Life World Build Stories
© 2021 Toca Boca
$free with IAP as much as $85
iPad, iPhone, Android
Ages: 3-12
Teaches: language, logic, creativity
CTR Review
CTR Rating: 90%
Ease of Use:
Design Features:
This is very well designed, pay-as-you-go microworld creator; with all the previous Toca Life content automatically inside. When you install the app, you are given credit for any previous Toca Life content you already may have purchased. You can then build one house for free, using a new building feature -- sort of like SimTown on a touch screen. Building and creating is a lot of fun and you work is saved automatically. But you quickly start bumping into various types of paywalls. See that vacant lot next to the house you just built? Give it a tap to learn that you can't build there, because you've already constructed your free house. You can buy the parts for the new house for $1.99 however. As you might expect, there's a lot of tempting content hidden behind the locks; and special tempting offers on the main menu. The "Megapack" -- with all the content unlocked, costs $85. Because children are shown this content but can't access it without paying, this app falls into the teasing category. The purchasing system seems more fair, because you "own" the content forever, and are given credit for past Toca Life content you might already have on your iTunes account. The free download includes 8 of the 78 locations and 39 of the 429 characters. In addition, new gifts are added each week "check back every week and discover exclusive surprise gifts!"
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