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Ages: 3-12
Teaches: reading, language
CTR Review
An online subscription based store for about 100 children's books. Unlike many children's book stores we've reviewed, the many of the books have age-appropriate interactive features. These features are well mixed with excellent narration and illustrations. If you want to expose your child to quality on a screen, you'll find it one the shelves of this virtual app store. Publishers include Auzou, Versant, Tiny Owl, Etana Editions, Editorial Manuta, At Noon Books, Callis, Alboroto, Kilowatt and The Old Lion Publishing House. The studio is based in Denmark, and the books are available in common EU and US languages. Books are purchased through IAP (in app purchases) and run on iOS and Android. Access to PIBOCO picture books ranges from $3.50 to $38 by subscription, which auto-renews. The navigation of the stories could be improved -- there is no way to jump around the pages, or exit to the library. Also, there are no search feature so if you're looking for a specific book you have to scroll through the titles.
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